How To Shop While One is In Cumberland Place

It is a great experience to be in Cumberland Place and if it is coupled with shopping delights then nothing like it.

Cumberland Place is a wonderful combination of touring delights and travel memories. It provides one with the right ways of shopping too.  There are many shops near The Marble Arch by Montcalm London style. These give the tourists greatly interesting experiences. Let us check out some of the important shopping areas in Cumberland.

Sharon Cunningham

This is a great designer store which showcases the best works of Sharon Cunnigham and also exhibits its elegant and friendly charm that it is usually associated with. Prices usually begin at around 1800 pounds and then these gowns give really good value for money. Also available online, the dresses can be chosen and determined according to choice.

Blissful Stays With Bliss Chemists

This is a chemist shop lying between McDonald’s and Sainsbury. This is located in Marble Arch and the shop is open till late evening all days of the week. This caters to all the pharmaceutical needs of the customer. So it does not matter how one gets here, it is the place that matters ultimately. The staff is good and carries a great demeanor. It is open all days of the week.

The Trusted One – M &S

This is indeed a greatly popular store in London. It has a great partnership since years together and Marks and Spencer is a must do brand today in London. It has more than 300 stores in the United Kingdom alone and has at least 400 stores across the world. This is one of the most popular and extremely fashionable stores in this part of the city. It is also popular for its high quality food and household goods as well as clothing and lingerie. The cakes and desserts here are lip smacking and add to this the sandwich, vegetables, fruits and such food stuff and one has a great travel luxury to enjoy. The clothing line here is quite reasonably priced though people find it extremely royal to come here and take back their products. The store has a tendency to grow on its customers and continues to work on the principles of innovation, trust and service.

The Dresser –A must do in Cumberland.

When one comes to Cumberland, one has to go to the Dresser. This is a stylish area with the best second hand gear available. So for all those who wish to wear Prada, Chanel, Gucci, come here to the Dresser. Here one finds things at half the original cost. So get ones hands on Versace, DKNY, Chloe, D&G, Fendi, Dior, Armani, etc. and takes back wonderful memories of a perfect costume land.

Loungewear in Style

The Loungewear wizards as they are called, this is a store in Connaught Street which began in the year 2007. This was actually set up by two mothers who were interested to do something out of the box. In fact Sienna Miller, Poppy Delevigne and Emilia Fox are all regular visitors here. It is a great experience to come here and take back the look of a wonderful land of delights and entertainment. There is a coffee café here and people often come here just to savour the smell of the coffee beans which are ground here. This is in fact the centre portion of the café.


Huge sacks brimming over with coffee beans of every different variety decorate the floorboards of this historic establishment. Savour the smells of freshly roasted and ground beans as you select your preferred blend from the age-old packing machine that forms the shop’s centerpiece. This is a perfect shop for having surveillance equipment, and has all kinds of chemical warfare suits, as well as armored and blast proof vehicles.

Shopping Pleasures in Philip Kingsley

Philip Kingsley has a great reputation of being a leader in the field of trichology. The consultations cost a usual charge and all the treatments are so made that they help the tourist. Kingsley is a shop that comes across as a straightforward, honest and decent figure and has some of the best celebrity clients. Discretion is always a major part of their way of functioning.

Selfridges the Best Place to be in

London is a place of department store and has a combination of shopping freaks who contribute to the commercialism. Selfridges has a great history of having a fantastic reputation for giving the best quality goods. They focus on the underlining current that shopping should be fun. Harry Gordon is the initial owner of the shop and he has ensured that there are all things that interest the tourist. The unusual exhibits here attract the customers and also are a main reason for enchantment. In the year 1925, Selfridges had around 12,000 people who saw a monoplane being installed. This is a tradition that continues even till now. So many visit the store especially for such demonstrations. Selfridges also has a window display that keeps changing and attracts lot of interest. Shoppers come here and record their personal video ad. There is a Food Hall and many restaurants which dot the entire floor of Selfridges. In fact this is one place near Oxford Street that has never ceased to interest the visitors. It has been a mainstay of many tours and beautiful experiences.

Shopping Delights in London are one way of enjoying travels and tours in this part of the world. One comes here and takes back a great memory of enchanting stores and amazing shopping destinations. With the best kind of shopping zones in Cumberland Place, the tourist comes here and experiences the pleasures of the warmth and luxury of these shops. This makes the tours here memorable as well as interesting. Shops such as these are what make travels to this part of the world very nostalgic. Travel souvenirs are an important part of tours and these shops ensure the tourist gets a lot of this.

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