Laser Skin Resurfacing-Everything You Need To Know

Laser skin treatment has many different benefits. From mole and hair removal to scar removal, laser treatment helps people to experience better skin and renewed confidence through a versatile range of procedures. This is all thanks to the many subtle, non-invasive treatments that are always relatively pain-free.

One such treatment is the laser de-ageing treatment, which when compared to more invasive procedures such as dermal fillers Manchester and botox, has many resounding benefits. Whilst the soft laser treatment could cut years off the look of your skin, there are still some important factors to bear in mind before committing. Below is everything you need to know about laser skin resurfacing, including its benefits, science and side effects.

What Is Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Laser skin resurfacing is a procedure that can help with a great many different ailments and conditions. Using laser technology, laser skin resurfacing gently peels away layers of skin to significantly decrease the looks of scars and wrinkles

How Does It Work?

The treatment takes no longer than a day and this means you won’t have to stay overnight at the clinic. The treatment, when performed on parts of the face can take 30 to 45 minutes, whilst a full face treatment could take around 2 hours. The treated areas will then be bandaged and then after 24 hours, will have to be cleaned about 5 times a day to prevent scabs from forming.

What Can It Do For You?

Whilst the early stages, up to a week after the treatment, might be uncomfortable, the long term results reap a great many benefits.

Helps Decrease Signs Of Aging

Prolonged exposure to sunlight over the years can weather the skin and trigger wrinkles and toughness. Skin resurfacing means exposing new layers of skin that are softer and more youthful. This can work on specific areas of the face too, the laser technology having the ability to be precise in its targeting.

Helps Decrease Signs Of Acne

Not just acne either, skin tags, moles and pimples can be lessened in their visibility through laser skin resurfacing. Whether it was an accident, an operation or just natural skin growths that caused the imperfections, skin resurfacing is an easy and effective method of removing them. When it comes down to it, personal happiness is key, and a boost of confidence from a renewed appearance is just one of the many great benefits of laser skin resurfacing.

And Scarring

One of the top reasons that patients might visit laser clinics in Bolton and the rest of the UK is for scar removal. By taking off the upper layers of the skin, scars will fade faster than they naturally would. Again, decreasing the look of your scars might help patients renew confidence in their appearance.

What To Expect From The Treatment

As mentioned above, skin resurfacing treatments will take a few days to recover from. The affected areas will have to be bandaged and cleaned five times a day for a few days after the treatment. You might also want to apply petroleum jelly to the affected areas to protect them from scabbing over. Blotchiness and a reddening of the skin after the procedure is an entirely natural reaction, and the symptoms should subside after a few days.

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