Secret Shopping Havens in London

London is said to be a unique city and this is true from the various perspectives that a person can look at it from, be it cultural, historical, political etc. What can also be said to be unique is the array of shopping opportunities a person who is paying a visit to the city is able to choose from, depending on his or her preferences.

While a lot may be said about the main shopping districts of London, there are some areas which are not visited close to as often as the main areas and it can be said that there does not seem to be enough justification for the same. As a matter of fact, while there are literally millions of people who visit areas such as Oxford Street and Brompton Road, as well as Regent Street; not even a fraction of the people make the effort to look at some of the alternative options which present themselves for the visitor to the city.

One of the options a person who is visiting London has to go shopping is in the pretty area of London that is Bloomsbury. Lamb’s Conduit Street is the place to head to and it can be said that a person who is visiting will be at a great threat of losing track of time in the process of going through all the shops there are to be gone to.

This part of London is great if a person is the sort of shopper who has a greater preference for a certain type of stores which are stores which do not belong as part of a retail chain but rather are independent or standalone stores. The goods which are available for sale at the stores in this part of the city are just great and most people who are visiting London from far off places will almost without a doubt end up taking back stuff which they like.

While a lot of the shopping there is across the world is focused on women, this area is a hotspot for men’s fashion with some of the names who have a presence in the area being Oliver Spencer and J Crew. What is nice about the area is that it does not focus just on shopping but also on other artistic avenues. A place by the name of the Darkroom boutique is a place which is to be visited if a person is fond of interior design and cool art.

When a person who is one who can be said to have a dire proclivity to shop in all kinds of places visited by him or her on holiday happens to be planning a visit to London, he or she should make quite an effort to make sure that the hotel he or she books a room at for himself or herself is one which is suitable for the various places he or she plans to go shopping. It is recommended that he or she take into account The Montcalm London Marble Arch Hotel as a possibility as the reputation of the hotel is great.

In a different part of the city, or rather, in Marylebone to be specific, there is Chiltern Street, which is a great area to shop in as well. Most of the properties in this part of town are made of red brick, which makes it all the more beautiful. Long Tall Sally is a shop at Chiltern Street which is meant for the discerning female customer who is passionate enough about clothing so as to make the time and put in the effort to have her measurements taken so that she is able to have made to measure clothes which fit her perfectly and speak for themselves in terms of her sense of style.

The area of Soho is known to be quite a trendy area in London and there is Berwick Street which is located in more or less the centre of Soho. This place is great for those people who wish to buy stuff which is considered to be retro. The food and drink scene of the area is also very good. This is simply great as a person who is visiting can take breaks between shopping at one of the oldest centres of shopping that the city has; an experience which is super fun, to say the very least.

When a person pays a visit to London, he or she can go around and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city like any normal tourist does. What he or she can also do is go around and get some stuff for either himself or herself or his or her loved ones at places only a precious few tourists would have come across. That, it can be said, is truly unique.

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