Places of tourist interest near Craven Hill

If you visit London, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to places to see and explore. The city offers a diverse variety of attractions both old and modern, which make it one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the world.

If you are on holiday in the city and have chosen any of hotels near Craven Hill to stay there are numerous places to visit and sightsee. Just a few of the attractions close to Craven Hill are as follows:

Art Work Space: It is an independent art gallery close to Craven Hill, which is located on the ground floor of the hotel Hempel. It showcases a variety of art forms which include painting, print, photography and drawing. It provides a platform for your emerging artists to showcase their talents. One of the most attractive areas of the place is ‘The Gallery’ an open meeting space that offers air conditioning, complimentary Wi-Fi and great lighting. With space to accommodate presentations of up to a 100 it is also suited for board meetings. The place comes with its own private entrance and bar. It is perfect for hosting a wedding party, fashion show or a product launch.

Princess of Wales Memorial Ground: It is the perfect place to take the kids to spend a fun filled afternoon. The biggest attraction of course is the highly detailed pirate ship that rests upon a sea of pristine fine white sand. With riggings just like that on an actual pirate ship,  kids can clamber all the way up to its crow’s nest, explore the cabins, turn the giant steering wheel and have outright fun pulling on a combination or ropes and pulleys. In the summer the mermaids fountains with rocky stretches are ideal to play in the water and beat the heat. Further down pirate land you will find a Red Indian Tepee camp. The camp has a number of wigwams that can hold an ample number of children and it even has a tree house encampment. There are walkways slung across ladders, trees and slides which will keep the children occupied and thrilled.

There perhaps is no other place as exciting that captivates all the kids and even adults who visit the place. The playground has been designed in a manner to please all the senses. There are beautiful whispering willows, scented shrubs and bamboo trees planted all across the area with beautiful statues installed in different parts of the ground. The place and equipment has been designed in a manner that even those kids who have special needs can play and enjoy themselves on the playground, including those who are on wheelchairs. Once they have played to their hearts content and have built up an appetite there is a superb cafe that has a menu specially designed to cater to the discerning palates of the little ones. In the summer months there are a variety of free entertainment special programmes. There are variety of programs ranging from storytelling sessions to clown shows on weekdays Mondays – Fridays at different times. If you are in London with the kids you could check their timings to visit the place. There is ample seating space for adults to sit comfortably while their little ones romp around the place, exploring and making new friends. Remember the place does not give unaccompanied adults admission as the children are the focal point here.

 The Serpentine Gallery: It provides a launch pad for upcoming contemporary artists with a number of exhibitions being held annually. Here you can see the work of international and British artists with the month of July being the centre stage when its annual summer party is hosted. You can expect to find the biggest and most famous names on the London social circuit with movie stars, fashionistas, rock stars and a host of other celebrities, who make it a point to attend this social extravaganza. In terms of art the Summer Pavilion is more celebrated with a distinguished architect being invited every year to design and construct a provisional structure that complements the gallery during the summer months. It is generally the talk of the town and also has raised quite a few controversies, although without a doubt it is one of the best presentations of the Serpentine Gallery.

Albert Memorial: You will find the Albert Memorial standing tall literally with a 180ft Victorian bronze gilt statue of Prince Albert in Kensington Gardens. It was built as a tribute to the young emperor who died prematurely at the age of 42. It commemorates the deep love and affection of the royal couple.  Empress Victoria was overwhelmed by grief and this sentiment was also shown reflected by the public at the time. All of this was directed at building the monument which shows the Prince’s achievements and public passions. It was designed by Sir Gilbert Scott in 1872 took four years to make and was unveiled by Empress Victoria in 1876. It was stated to be the most expensive granite works ever to be undertaken at that time, with every pillar requiring eight men to work for 20 weeks to polish and finish to perfection.  You will find the bronze gilt statue shimmering over Kensington Gardens and facing another architectural tribute to the Prince the Royal Albert Hall. You could choose to explore the memorial for free or with a guided tour.

Princess Diana Memorial Fountain: It took a whopping £3.6 million to build and had its fair share of blunders with the architects realising that wet granite is dangerously slippery and with kids playing on it, there were bound to be accidents. Finally they managed to set right the problem and came up with a stunning creation that serves as an ideal tribute to the Princess of Wales. It features a large ring of Cornish granite with water swirling in both directions, which surrounds an intricate contoured feature. It blends in perfectly with its harmonious surroundings and is a great place to take the kids to in the summer. There always is staff available during the summer to lend a helping hand.

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