Popular Sports Which Can Be Enjoy in Britain

There are numbers of sports which can be enjoy in Britain. If you are travelers/visitors or resident of Britain then you can enjoy following sports here-

Football (Soccer)- This is the most popular sport in Britain.

Rugby - It’s also like football but played with an oval ball. Very popular in England.

Tennis- Wimbledon is the most famous tournament for Tennis.

Table Tennis - It’s also a old sport played in England.

Netball – It’s mainly famous in female.

Golf – There are number of Golf club in Britain.

Fishing – It’s most popular sports played by people in Britain.

Basketball – There are number of participants in all over Britain for this sport.

Horse Racing – Very popular sport in Britain.

Polo – This sport brought from India in Britain.

You can also enjoy other sports like Badminton, Boat Race, Bowls, Martial arts and Swimming.

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