Romantic Getaway To The Yarra Valley

There are many places which are known as the most romantic destination for couples. However, one will seldom find a place as beautiful as the Yarra Valley in Australia. The state of Victoria in Australia is filled with numerous varied attractions and places with many special features, but the Yarrra Valley still stands as a destination which is most suited for new couples, honeymooners and other such romantic getaways. The cool and beautiful and the serene valley offer the perfect recluse, away from the bustle of the city and also having numerous activities meant for couples.

The Yarra Valley is not too far away from Melbourne, yet it is perfectly shielded from the din of the city. The cool wintery atmosphere in the valley is a welcoming change for anyone from other hot parts of the world. Even in Australia, it is one of the best places to be when the mercury hits the roof at other parts of the country. During the extreme summers also, the place is a warm place to be in, enjoying the perfect sunshine. It is great to simply hang out, or get cosy, or just reconnect with the old feelings one had.

The food at Yarra Valley is well known to be one of the best in the country. It is actually highly popular for the food joints at the place. The Yarra Valley is an absolute food lover’s delight. There are restaurants and cafes and also the local food stores serving a wide variety of flavours to soothe the taste buds of the foodies. The lovely settings of the restaurants are also perfect for the romantic dinner one has been planning for long to surprise the special person in his / her life.

The Yarra Valley is also known for the wineries. The June is the perfect time to be in that place when “The Shortest Lunch” is organised by the small wineries of the place. The 19th and 20th June, when the Winter Solstice happens, it becomes the shortest days. The small food and wine festival at this time of the year is a great way to taste some of the finest foods in the Yarra Valley and also taste the fine wines of the place right from the wineries. Australia wine is world renowned and many wineries provide their products to the various well known wine companies all across the globe. It is thus a great experience to taste such fine quality wine at the local festival. Add to that the cool breeze blowing through the valley. It makes this the perfect place to be with the loved one.

Those who have a special liking for wine can actually taste the various wines at the many wineries available all over the valley and also at the places nearby. The wines in these wineries are no less in terms of quality as compared to some of the finest brands available in the market. So, one must remember to take a few bottles back for those at their home and for the relatives.

Speaking of the accommodation options available in the Yarra Valley, there are plenty of options which are perfect for any types of stay. The Manor House is one of the finest accommodation option available in this beautiful city but the coasts.

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