Shoreditch, the street art location

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Shoreditch art street: When you walk south across Bishop Gate, leaving behind the cacophony of the city, an interesting thing happens. First you will come across ambiguous and cryptic stickers all over the lamp posts. Then on the road you will find a heart shape with an arrow or the painting of a cupid struck. Then the walls, the pavements, and windows everything seems alive with the burst of colour and painting. Each painting seems to give you some message which is indecipherable. Welcome to Shoreditch, the street of art.

Whenever you visit London, you make sure that you drop by Shoreditch which is the famous street art location in London. Shoreditch has become internationally famous since the early 2000s.  Its walls have been painted by leading local artists like Bansky, Eine, D*Face, Sweet Toof, Pure Evil, Swoon, Roa, Vhils etc. They gained popularity after decorating the walls in this place.

Origin of street art: Street art is more of unsanctioned work which is not implemented in the traditional art venues. I t became popular during the graffiti art boom in 1980s. Stencil graffiti, wheat pasted poster, sticker art, street installation or sculpture are common types of modern art. In the 21st century video projection, yarn bombing and lock on sculpture became popular. The terms ‘urban art’ and ‘guerrilla art’ are also used to refer street art works. London street art has also been inspired by Paris student riots, with anarchist slogans like “Eat the Rich”.

Famous street artists: Among some of the famous street artists, the first name that pops up in our mind is that of Banksy. He is a pseudonymous English graffiti artist. He is also a political activist, film director as well as a painter. He is famous for his satirical street art with the perfect execution of his stencil technique. In his graffiti he revealed his dark humour. He also revealed in his works his political and social commentary in the walls, streets, bridges and cities throughout the world. You will find subversive rats, chimps or flower throwing rioters each adding a dose of satire in it. D*face is another multimedia street artist hailing from London. He uses spray paint, stickers, posters and stencils. He did illustration and design course while honing his talent as a street artist. He was influenced by Shepard Fairey’s “Obey giant” art campaign, Jim Philips, hip hop, punk music and popular animated cartoons. He had his solo art exhibitions ‘Death and Glory’ at Stolen space gallery which was sold out in October 2006. Since then he continued his solo art exhibitions. ‘Eyecons’ at O contemporary at Brighton is another such exhibition. Eine, is another notable street artist. His unique style is his alphabet lettering on shop shutters in Shoreditch, Brick lane, Broadway market. Even some of his letters have been mapped. His notable works are also found in the streets of Stockholm, Hasting and Newcastle.

That these artists would profit from their work was hated. As some other artist would remove the paints or spoil it. They would over paint each other’s work until the legend Robbo’s untimely death in July 2014.

Shoreditch, abode for global artist: Street artists from different corners of the world have made Shoreditch their haven. Artists including Shephard Fairy who painted “Obama Hope”, Australian artist Peter Drew and Frenchman Clet Abraham who is famous for the witty road signs have made Shoreditch their home. They declared their residence with logo stickers on lamp posts. Today artists from Seoul to Sao Paulo are seen meticulously working in the broad day light. You will often find that vast areas are licensed to cover. You will get to see the animal murals by Belgian artist ROA, and then multicoloured stencil by the Parisian artists or the brushwork by Spanish artist will blow your mind. An art lover’s favourite destination has to be Shoreditch.

Outdoor gallery of London: Shoreditch is the place for vibrant and colourful culture of street art, murals, and galleries. The clandestine art work is done throughout the night. With the passage of time the art work has become more complex with the incorporation of sculpture, multimedia, metal work and even 3D work. This place not only has these art works and murals but you will also get cafes, bars, restaurants and markets. The interesting part about this place is that art work is changing every day. The artists are exploring their passion. If you come here for a tour you will unravel a new culture, interact with the artists, and get to know their ideas, the locations and the stories. Thereby, making Shoreditch World’s epicentre of street artwork.

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