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The capital city of England has never been a dull city. It is an ever flashing one and thus allures millions of tourists from all parts of the world. As and when we talk about high spirits the city is always found topping the charts. No matter whether you are a Londoner or a first time visitor the city will keep you all high in true spirits. Moreover, people here are much concerned about their health and are fitness freaks. This is the reason why sports are given much importance in London. It is a well known place for all kinds of sports including cricket, rugby and football etc.

So, for those traveling in here it is time to get your sports shoes on and catch a glimpse of sports activities. Other than sports if we talk about venues no other city have venues like the very famous Wembley Stadium, Lord’s Cricket ground and Wimbledon etc. Just like The Montcalm Club is the one stop destination for a comfortable stay, London city is a one stop destination for such fabulous and world famous sports venues.

Sports and fitness walk hand in hand here. Mentioned below are some of renowned sports facilities in London. So, whether you are a beginner or have represented your school or college at any country or national levels, these are the places where you have the opportunity to get that sportsman out within you. Participate and get involved.’

London Sports

Westway Sports Centre
Are you a sports lover and want to try out something new? If yes then westway Sports Centre is the ideal place for you to be at. From climbing, tennis to basketball, squash, football and gym etc there are plenty of other options that no sports fanatic can ignore. If we talk about the kind of facilities they offer it is tremendously huge. The centre comprises of ten tennis courts, right football pitches, several outdoor sports and one of the tallest climbing walls in the UK. There are is dearth of options here at the Westway centre for sports and fitness.

London Fencing Club
Fencing is a fun sport and it is the best physical exercise that you can do. It is not only an exciting sport but also an ultimate way to keep yourself fit and healthy. The amazing London Fencing Club is ideally located in the heart of Central London in Westminster. The club boasts of providing all sorts of training from beginner’s level. The coaches are extremely talented, trained and have year of experience in teaching and performing this sport. Moreover, it’s a highly addictive sport and is a reasonably good way to keep your body in shape. A beginner course is for 10 weeks and you may have to pay £125 to be a part of it.

Beckenham Cricket Club
In North West Kent lie this amazing multi-sports centre and social club. Though, it is located in Kent but still minutes away from the centre of London. The Beckenham Cricket club boasts of over 100 years of history and achievement of multiple sporting activities. Moreover, the club is so well connected with all public transport options that it makes really convenient for anyone and everyone to travel to the Beckenham club. From cricket, tennis, running to hockey, football and netball etc you have variety of options.

York Hall Leisure Centre
Located in Bethnal Green, the York Hall Leisure Centre includes a gym along with a 33 metre swimming pool and a day spa. Can you imagine having a Turkish bath in London? Yes, it can really happen at this leisure centre. Along with all this the venue hosts variety of exercise classes, boxing arena etc. The venue has played host to some of the renowned boxers. The fights take place in the grand mail hall. The centre serves a dual purpose of sporting and partying as well. It has the capacity to accommodate around 1200 people. It is quite a known thing that this centre underwent a refurbishment in the year 2005 which involved multi-million pound.

Redbridge Cycling Centre
We have talked almost about every sport, however cycling was a missing part till now. This state of art cycling centre is built by the London Development Agency. The first sporting facility that was ever hosted in this centre is the Olympics in 2012. There is a 4Km mountain bike track that can be extremely adventurous and fun to ride. Moreover, the Redbridge Cycling Centre is open to all and it is not that only Londoners can learn and try this sport. So, if you have a passion for cycling then why not step forward to this centre and cycle your heart out.

Tired of playing all these sports? Get some refreshments from the West End restaurant and along with keeping your body fit also keep your taste buds happy.

Wembley Sailing Club
As the name suggests this beautifully and carefully preserved conservation area is a long stretch of water. It gives you a chance to fly across the reservoir by hoisting your sails up. Even children can learn here to sail which makes it quite an interesting sport for both children and adults.

Nowadays it is so important to keep yourself fit and healthy and these sports centers helping you out in doing so. So if traveling to London city why not take the advantage of it if you are true sports lover.


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