The best hotel marketing strategies to use for gaining a greater amount of bookings

Getting hotel marketing plans just right is something that companies have to work hard on to achieve success. There is plenty to think about whether a business wants to reinvigorate their firm online or generate a new brand identity. A hotel company really needs to have a wonderful website that is a positive shop window to what it is selling. A residence’s booking engine has to be equally as effective as the aim is to generate as many direct online sales as possible. Internet users in this modern digital age will research and make bookings on their tablets and mobile phones, meaning hotels have to offer a smartphone-friendly website.


A top digital marketing for hotels plan will include the idea of a company knowing how to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get ahead. Firms need to get the basics right with relevant and captivating content that includes great keywords and phrases. Companies must think about terms that are likely to be searched for by travellers online. Businesses have to provide reasons to stay at their property and put unique selling points on their website that makes them shine. Firms should think about how they treat their customers when they arrive at the residence, and must offer them a special treat such as free mineral water at check-in.


Businesses should also work hard to build strong connections with local companies as well as tourist offices. An advert on a local tourism website would be just the ticket to help hotels reach a greater audience and beat competitors to new customers. Nearby convention and exhibition centres are also wonderful destinations to promote a residence. Firms should also chat to local event companies who can offer the hotel as part of a package deal during the quiet months of the year. Hotels would benefit from linking up with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), but this will naturally generate commission fees so firms must not rely on them.


Instead as part of a brilliant hotel digital marketing plan businesses must seek out online direct bookings. Firms can sign up to a number of social media channels including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to engage existing and potential customers. It takes a few minutes to launch the profiles, but companies must remember to regularly fill the sites with fresh content for success. Firms have to be aware of online reviews and ensure they create a habit of replying to all comments whether they are positive or negative. Customers adore being messaged as they enjoy engaging with companies in a real-time situation.


The hard-working staff at marketing agency Booking Direct will ensure they help companies focus on user experience (UX). It is vital to know where and how the website works to make it better for tourists in the future. The main goal is to raise direct bookings and the experts will keep hotel companies up to date with facts and figures about how well the site is doing after a certain change. There will be a clear strategy that will focus on trying to get travellers to stay on the website so the design is completely important. A hotel website will constantly evolve to make sure it is relevant and fresh, while still being easy to use and to navigate.

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