The grandest monument in London

People often label London as a city of commercialism and business, and for the most part, they wouldn’t be wrong. However, the danger in portraying London as purely a cosmopolitan city of expensive looking shops and bars and towering office buildings, is that it falls short of portraying the splendour of the city. Of course there are large grey areas filled with multi-storey offices and ornate banks, but there are also serene green areas where tranquillity prevails.

Perhaps one of London’s most picturesque and peaceful places to appreciate this peaceful side of the city, is Kensington Gardens. This is one of London’s eight Royal parks and is home to the Serpentine gallery. Nestled amongst the Italian gardens, you’ll also find the memorial monument for Prince Albert. Unsurprisingly, the statue stands opposite the Royal Albert Hall, and commemorates Queen Victoria’s late husband, who died prematurely at just 42 from Typhoid. The statue is incredibly regal and commands respect, not only because of who it is depicting, but also from its grandeur and intricate detailing.

Also located within the gardens is the enchanting Princess of Wales memorial park. This is the perfect place to head for a fun filled, yet relaxing family day out. The memorial park has an incredible adventure playground for children to enjoy that is based around the popular children’s story of Peter Pan. Complete with Wigwams, sandpits and lots of ropes to climb, it’s sure to entertain your little darlings for hours, giving them plenty of opportunity to burn off any excess energy! However, the park can be enjoyed by adults too, in particular, the Princess of Wales memorial fountain, which is a dazzling water feature that sparkles in the light of the sun, perfectly representing how the late Princess’ smile would brighten up the world around her.

The gardens are easily reachable by public transport from many of London’s popular hotels, however, the London Premier Kensington hotel, is particularly close to the gardens, meaning if you are staying there, then you have little excuse not to explore the wonderful greenery at the perfectly manicured gardens. And, if you particularly enjoy yourself, you might even want to consider visiting the other Royal parks too. Hyde Park, in particular, is popular amongst both locals and tourists alike, and thanks to its late opening hours, makes the perfect setting for a romantic picnic under the stars.

Hyde Park is also where many of London’s music events are held throughout the summer months, so don’t be fooled into thinking that parks are docile places for children and OAP’s, as in London, nothing could be further from the truth. Parks in the city are, in fact, often a hive of activity including cyclists, exercise groups, hikers and groups of friends meeting for a quick catch up.

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