Top London attractions

Any one staying in London will see a number of attractions, whether they intend to or not, the city is filled with any different landmarks and they are unavoidable. There are many attractions with reach of so many hotels, for instance the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington Hotel is located close to Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Regents Park, The Natural History Museum, the Scienece museums V and A Museums, Buckingham palace is also located a short distance away, other attractions within the area include Earls Court exhibition center,

Many hotels are located within wonderful areas, Paddington and Kensington is one area of London that attracts many people and the other is central London where Piccadilly Circus is located, from here tourist are able to see China Town, M & M factory, Soho is located close by, and getting to the River Thames is a simple commute, on the embankment tourist are able to book a cruise and see the sights from the water, the London eye is located here, as are the Houses of Parliament are also located on the Thames. Tower Bridge is located over the Thames and here the crown jewels can be seen.

The top main attractions in London are as follows, The London Eye, which offers wonderful views of the Thames, The Natural History Museum has true exhibitions and dinosaurs on display, The Science Museum is very fun and interactive when it comes to children and learning about the sciences of the world, The V & A Museum takes people back to Queen Victoria and Albert and their time running the country, Trafalgar Square is popular for live exhibitions and public displays, Tower Bridge is arguably the most popular bridge in the capital city.  Buckingham Palace is the Queens residence the majority of the year, Hyde Park is the most beautiful largest and popular of the 8 royal parks, St James Park leads to Buckingham Palace. The Diana Memorial located in Kensington Park is visited and seen by millions each year, the playground and gardens are simply beautiful, Madame Tussaurds is a place where people and hang out with wax work celebrities, and the London Dungeons are fun to hear tales about London and the life it once lead. Another and the most recent top attraction is The Shard, it offers the most breath taking views of the city and allows for tourist as well as hotel guests and residents to dine in the beautiful restaurant with amazing views of the city.

There are many other attractions such as Harrods and Oxford Street, shopping haven, however, they are not necessarily amongst the top attractions for the whole family. Individually they are worthy of a mention and they do attract many millions of people every year, although, as mentioned they are not necessarily the top when it comes to travelling with children and families.

There are many wonderful things for people to be able to do whilst in London, whether one is travelling independently, with a loved one with family or friends there is always going to be something to do whilst staying in London, there are so many different opportunities to have fun, relax and explore the city, Every article of blog one reads about London is a guideline as each person who comes to the city discovers there own London experience and every time there will be something different to see and more to explore. With so many options from a money saving and budget breaks to luxury 5 and 6 star weekends in the city, it is a great place for a celebrations, a luxury break a treat for a loved one or a discovery weekend with the family. Children are welcomed to the city and many of the top attractions are suitable for all.

London can be anything you want it to be, it can be a memorable experience a jammed packed adventure or a relaxing with friends vacation, just remember that it is a capital city so there is going to be a slight increase in prices, however, there are also going to be some wonderful discounts and vouchers for guests to be able to take advantage of, a weekend in the capital city can be affordable and still have wonderful experiences, the key is within the research and advanced bookings, they are the best way to be able to save money but have the exact same experience as anyone else who has not spent time putting the weekend together.

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