Take the Piccadilly and Petit Fours Tour to Learn All about London

Along with Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park there is also Green Park as one of the famous green areas in London. Now, while it may seem natural that along with greenery, there should also be some colour to go along with it in the form of flowers, it is to be noted that Green Park is conspicuous by the way of its dire lack of flowers. Not a single flower actually grows in this beautiful green lung. While there are many stories behind this, the most popular one says that centuries ago, the wife of King Charles II found out that the king was using the flowers to give to another woman and as a reaction upon finding this out, she ordered that every flower which was present in the park be removed with immediate effect and that from then on, no flower be planted.

Duels were part and parcel of life in another era, many centuries ago. While the practice has long since been made illegal to engage in, a large number of duels were fought in London back in the day and a duel was considered by all to be a deep and meaningful event. Not many people, at all, who pay a visit to the capital city are aware about where the last duel was fought. The answer to the same is at Pickering Place which today looks very beautiful.

The place, that is, Pickering Place is also known to be the smallest square in all of Britain. Hotels near marble arch tube station make sense when a person is visiting the city.

The same as well as storied wife of King Charles II makes a reappearance in facts or stories about London when the matter of how Piccadilly actually got its name is at hand. Prior to the name Piccadilly becoming popular with the ordinary residents of the city, the area was initially known as Portugal Street and the queen at the time, i.e. the wife of King Charles II was actually Portuguese. As a matter of fact, she went by the name of Catherine of Braganza.

The modern name of the area comes from, believe it or not, a tailor. There was a man called Robert Baker, who was a tailor by profession. While this may not fully explain the origin of the name by a long shot, when a person gets to know that his house was known among the people as Pickadilly Hall, it begins to make sense, especially if a person takes into due account the fact that Baker, the tailor, was well reputed in all of London as a tailor par excellence, when it came to sewing on piccadills, which were attached to the frilled collars that many people wore back in the 17th century version of the capital.

Apart from Harrods, few stores in all of London can be said to be as prestigious as Fortnum & Mason is. The store way back in the year 1707. The story behind the store is that a man called William Fortnum was the footman to the queen at the time, who was Queen Anne and tired of the pricey behaviour of the employees; as these people insisted that they were entitled to new candles every night. Instead of letting the left over wax go to waste, he decided to be enterprising and went ahead in order to set up a shop which was a grocery store; which served the purpose of selling the extra wax.

The landlord of William Fortnum was Hugh Mason, who did not take long to join the venture and so it has been known by the name of Fortnum & Mason ever since then. Another thing Fortnum & Mason is known for is the quality of the picnic hampers they provide, as these hampers are simply sumptuous. The invention of the Scotch egg is one of the things Fortnum & Mason is credited with.

Many years ago, getting to know one’s weight was not as simple a task as it is now. As a result, a lot of people used to weigh themselves at the grocer’s. Berry Bros & Rudd has written their name in history as one of the oldest wine and spirit merchants. Some of the famous people who have walked in so as to have themselves weighed include Lord Byron as well as William Pitt the Younger and Beau Brummel.

In 1902, a man who was not originally from England but rather from across the English Channel i.e. from France was the first man to start a chocolate shop, which is known as Prestat. The family of the founder are reputed to have created the chocolate truffle, which is an amazing dessert, to say the very least.

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