Vintage to Designer: London’s Many Shopping Hotspots

London has long been known as a city which has really no dearth of options when it comes to both the range of items a visitor to the city can possibly wish to shop for as well as the sheer quantum of shops which are ripe for the visiting of any person who is interested in heading out to pick some stuff up. It can be said, as a matter of fact, that when a person goes out shopping in London, he or she is quite likely to come back in with his or her hands laden with a lot more things than he or she had initially planned to buy.


There are certain hotspots in London, when it comes to the matter of shopping. If a shopper in London is one who has had his or her interest piqued by the prospect of picking up some luxury wear which he or she would look quite splendid in, he or she should also be interested by the prospect of heading to the area of Belgravia, in London. There are shops in this part of London which lovers of high end fashion would drool over. In particular, a person who pays a visit to Belgravia to go shopping for luxury items should keep in mind the fact that he or she should head to Motcomb Street as well as Elizabeth Street so as to get the best items which are available to be bought. The names which are sold out here in Belgravia include the shoe genius Christian Louboutin and Allegra Hicks. Designs by Carolina Bucci also find their way to a deserved place in Belgravia’s fashion product and name portfolio.

After exploring the shopping prospects which exist in Belgravia, another part of London which is not far away but at the same time does have some great opportunities to shop around for is known as Notting Hill. However, it is to be kept in mind that quite unlike the things which are available in Belgravia, the shopping proposition which exists in Notting Hill is different, to say the very least. Instead of luxury items, Notting Hill is a great place to go shopping for items dating back to an earlier era. It can be said that if an individual heads to Notting Hill in the pursuit of clothes which are of good quality and were generally considered to be high end in their time, he or she would really not be disappointed. In the general area of Notting Hill, Portobello Road and Westbourne Grove are two areas which must be visited.

In the run up to a visit to London, it is to be acknowledged that a fair amount of planning is involved and it differs in extent according to how long the trip is and how much the visitor wishes to fit in to the time he or she is to spend in the capital. The choice of hotel which is made is to be very important, as well, and a hotel such as the montcalm hotel Chiswell Street is one hotel which can be counted on for having a good location as well as service of a level which would cause a guest to return to it on his or her subsequent visit.

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is known around the world to be the geographical borough having among the highest prices of real estate in the world, which is quite considerable, to say the very least, if one takes into account the fact that a significant part of the area is not commercial in nature but is rather residential real estate.

Spitalfields is said to be an area in which a person who is visiting can come across brands which may not have garnered a great reputation for themselves as yet but could well be on the path to greatness. As a matter of fact, Spitalfields is the place to go if a person who is in London even for a short period of time wishes to procure for himself or herself some clothes which are trendy while also not being all that expensive, at the same time. A shopaholic is likely to find himself or herself at home out here and if he or she is being accompanied by someone who is not one, it is also likely that he or she will have to be dragged away from the area!

Brick Lane and good quality food and second hand clothes can be said to go hand in hand together. The great thing about this place is that a visitor can spend a lot of time discovering the area around him or her and then head to a nice little place to eat; to satisfy the hunger pangs, prior to returning to discover more of Brick Lane.

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