Wildlife spotting in London

For wildlife enthusiasts London has a lot to offer. Yes, the city is just not all about historic attractions, shopping, entertainment and culture! London is truly diverse when it comes to the many options it offers tourists to its charming shores. With record numbers of tourists flocking to the city every year it offers something for everyone. Whether you are an anthropology buff or an art lover, music aficionado or passionate about history every taste is catered to.

The best time to visit the city is in the tourist off season if you are travelling on a budget. There are scores of deals available in that period ranging from spa deals in London to discounted hotel prices.

At this time most luxury hotels in London also offer their best prices to ensure occupancy rates are not hit too severely.  Once you have settled into your montcalm hotel marble arch and are ready to set out on a, exploratory tour of sea-life and wildlife in the city, these are some of the spots not to miss:

Sea Life London Aquarium

It is one of the most visited aquariums in the country and also houses probably the largest European collection of global marine life. In fact it is the best of all the sea life attractions in the UK and even the European Continent. It can be found in the centre of the city and visitors to the place will partake in what could best be described as an interactive and immersive tour on what could be termed as a Great Oceanic Conveyor.

In what is truly a remarkable trip it purportedly begins in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. On the trip visitors get to walk under an amazing glass tunnel walkway, which offers them an unforgettable view of the ocean all above and is like being immersed in the depths of a tropical ocean. And what makes it more interesting is the amount of interactive experiences visitors are offered. These range from discovery zones, watching diving displays, touch pools to feeding sting rays along the way.  Other highlights during the tour include seahorses, octopus, green turtles, seahorses, octopus, clown fish and zebra sharks among other species of marine life.

Probably the most fascinating bit is when visitors are in the process of finishing their tour in what is supposed to represent in the deeper and darker depths of the formidable Pacific Ocean. It is truly a breathtaking experience, especially when you see a school of sharks swim below your feet from what is a floating glass platform. There is a lot more thrill in the Shark Reef Encounter! You can also get a bit creative by taking a Lego Deep Sea Explorer’s pack and searching for Lego characters that are concealed within the tanks. Try to find all the hidden characters with their kit and you could record it in what is a special log book. If you truly want to explore your creative skills try to build a Lego Sea Creature in the special build zone. If you make a good job of it you may see it on display on the Wall Of Fame for the entire summer! And the good news is those who successfully complete making a sea monster are given a goody bag!

The London Wetland Centre

A great place to wildlife in their natural habitat is the London Wetland Centre that is a 105 acre wildlife area in the city that was created in 2000, by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. This was made possible by using the 4 out of use Victorian reservoirs that were to be found in a loop of the Thames River. It was made more inhabitable for wildlife through the use of landscaping and the effect of the elements of nature. As a result it now is a large expanse of islets, lagoons and pastures. Dotted along the area at intervals, visitors will find a number of tranquil walkways with concealed areas, where they can sit on a bench and open a small window on the hideaway, to do some terrific bird spotting using a pair of binoculars. The different types of birds that you can view in the area include falcons, herons, kingfishers, sparrowhawks and sandmartins among other species. The London Wetland Centre also offers visitors plenty of entertainment for a variety of age groups. This includes guided walking tours and special courses in ornithology for those who are keen to learn about the birds in the area. There also are special wildlife photography courses, pond-dipping sessions and bat-spotting walks etc. There are number of areas where you can enjoy a lovely picnic and also a cafe that features a lovely outdoor terrace.

Paradise Wildlife Park

It boasts of being the most interactive zoo in the country! It is located at Broxbourne in Hertfordshire and is open all through the year including weekdays and weekends. Paradise Wildlife Park reportedly has an interesting collection of over 400 species of animals which includes what is considered to be the finest collection of big cats on exhibit in the country.

Some of the animals that visitors can see here include snow leopards, penguins, white tigers, cheetahs, white lions, monkeys, meerkats, zebras, gibbons, tapirs, lemurs, wallabies, reptiles, wolves and  birds among a whole lot more of wildlife. What makes the place different from other places is that visitors may touch or even feed some of the species of animals to be found here. For this they need to buy specially prepared animals feedbags that are sold there. With five adventure playgrounds and special meet the keeper sessions it is a lot of fun.

Visitors can spend some leisure time in the stunning gardens, while the kids could enjoy themselves in the Tumble Jungle or even splash about a bit in the paddling pool known as Paradise Lagoon. From spotting dinosaurs on the Woodland Railway or having fun at the On Safari Adventure Golf, Paradise Wildlife Park is a terrific place to spend the day with the family!

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